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5877 Louis Hemon, Rosemont/La Petite-Patrie (Montréal) | Île-de-Montréal

1 993 500$

6 Logements/unités et + à vendre

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Réf. LogisQuébec : 289488


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Located 5 minutes from Rosemont Metro by BUS

Located 15 seconds from IGA

Located 10 minutes walking distance from Beaubien downtown (Molson park, Cinema, bars, restaurants, free public wifi and all families activities with the City of Montreal Park and Recreation

Located on Louis Hemon a bit away from Rosemont car noise, in front of a Church, plenty of mature trees the back of the building is a dedicated as a City of Montreal 'Ruelle Verte' with seater and trees for this area.

Sunshine in the morning facing apartment living and dining room and kitchen 1,2,5,8

Sunshine in the afternoon facing all apartments (on the side some with balconies)


Built in 1966, all renovated and updated in 1984 (excluding bathrooms and windows margell).

Designed in 1966 with all oversized: apartments, lockers and 2 garages by M.Bertonilly architect.

Oversized Bertonilly apartments designed have: inside apartment private corridor for more privacy, closets, den for office or dining room and oversized living and bedroom where superficies are between 500 SQF to 700SQF approx. Each apartments are far from each other for 4 apartments (mitoyen walls), or walls free of other tenants walls. And 6 apartments with only a maximum 10 to 15 feet mitoyen common wall, with another apartment wall, but noise insulation was replaced in 1984.

Fire Security

An exhausted new Fire alarm system is monitored and working 24/24

Each apartment have a secondary exit capacity (outside or by the inside of the apartment).


Only NONE SMOKERS, no pets unless especially authorized, NO MARIJUANA and some other specific rules and regulations.

Since 2001, all apartments turnover lease are around 3 years average

All apartments are rented within 24 hours with free internet advertising.

All apartments are rented by: retire workers (with proof of retirement), young professional with mandatory references (prior landlord and job 3 years minimum) or students with solid endorsement (need a realestate property)

Since 2001 overall total delinquencies sum lost for unpaid rents is $1500 all with enforceable judgments.

The area is an old protected high prime part of Rosemont called ' Petite Patrie'. Attracting high quality tenants and retire workers. It is a very quiet neighbors.

Éléments distinctifs : Updates and Replacement/Maintenance schedule

Brick and joints 1984 and 2020 next maintenance for joints 2027

Roof 1984 and 2013 next maintenance 2033

Roof drain addition 2019

Roof parapet extension 2019

Roof drain new overflow adaptor 100% leak free 2021 next replacement NEVER

Winter Insulation walls and roof 1984 next replacement NEVER

Sound Insulation between apartments walls and ceiling 1984 next replacement NEVER

Electricity in apartments 2005 next replacement NEVER

Electricity from hydro quebec to the main braker box (on the roof) 2020 next replacement 2040

Electricity main braker box 800 amp 1984 next replacement NEVER

Plumbing replacing Galvanized lines by cupper next replacement NEVER

Outside doors and windows 1984 next replacement NEVER

Outside windows and doors caulking 2020 next replacement 2025

Outside roof access house caulking 2020 next replacement 2022

Electronic computered Fire alarm box 2019, smoke detectors (electric and battery), piezo next replacement 2029 (detectors only)

Water heater 2013 next replacement 2035

Heater boiler 600000 btu, 1998 next replacement NEVER

Heater Boiler's equipment's maintenance or replacement (pumps 2014, meters, bleeders 2020, automatic water regulator 2020, expansion tank 2013) next replacement between 10 to 15 years. Pumps are every 10 years.

Heater boiler's electronic controls next replacement NEVER

Apartment automatic bleeders 2019 next replacement 2029

Apartment thermostat electric valve 2013 next replacement 2025 ($250 each including labor)

Balconies paint and antirust application 2019 next maintenance 2021 (every 2 years)

Entry door maintenance 2018 next maintenance 2021

Entry door electric latch 2012 next replacement 2022 ($75)

Apartment Telephone system 1984 next replacement NEVER (it is a old not digital system with a 2 watt amplifier)

Incomes. All rents are withdraw from tenants automatically every month:

Apartments Year lease Amount paid Amount due

Apt 1, 2021, $875, $0

Apt 2, 2020, $720, $0

Apt 3, 2020, $620, $0

Apt 4, 2021, $995, $0

Apt 5, 2005, $750, $0

Apt 6, 2016, $820, $0

Apt 7, 2015, $715, $0

Apt 8, 2021, $975, $0

Apt 9, 2018, $825, $0

Apt 10, 2021, $860, $0

Garage 1, OWNER occupied

Garage 2, 2012, $175, $0

Laundry room $0 (free for now)

Total $8330 or $99960

Annual Expenses (approx.)

Insurance $4000

Taxes $6000

Heating $9000

Maintenance (floor-wall-glass cleaning contract) $720

Electricity $500

Total $20220

Future Potential and upgrade

Condo transformation verbally approved

Corridor floor can be updated

All bathroom except faucets

Windows margelle

2 garage doors

8 Balconies

All electrical panel main braker 60 amp boxes, in apartments can have a beautiful door installed to cover it. Most tenants install a poster or a Paint over it.

Most faucets and toilet valve has to be replaced for better maintenance. We actually close the main building valve when a repair has to be done.

Apartment future increase potential

Garage 1 and 2 to $650/month

Apartment 5 to over $1100 / month
Apartment 2,7 to over $820 / month

Install back the laundry room income system (machines are in the garage) $300/month


None actually

Sometime very little leaks from tenants fault (bath, toilet or lavatory overflow)

Apartment thermostat electric valve has to be replaced in apartment 3, total around $250 programed to be done in october 2021

The roof had to be adapted to the new climate change, where the parapet was extended in 2019 and a supplementary drain was installed. Unfortunately the roofer didn’t install an overflow on the new drain. Most roofer now does it since 2015. I have it done in summer 2021.

Legal and infractions

Building infractions, update or mandatory installation: Electrical panels updated, requested by the Insurance company. Fire box and conformity corrections were updated, requested by the updated mandatory fire protection rules and law from City of Montreal.

Building actual infractions: NONE (last one was 2017-2018)

Building actual litigation: NONE (and never had any)

Other Building infractions, update or mandatory installation: 2 fire doors were removed in 1996 from 2 corridors. The city asked us in 2017 to replace them, and then canceled their request after discussion. For further maximum protection they can be re-installed for $700 each.


This building was purchase in 2001. All reference to work or characteristics pertaining the building, in this actual text prior to 2001 were disclosed verbally to us by the previous owner.

Price asked: 25 times the NET income of $79740

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    890 000$

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